Your Business Lifecycle

1 - Choice of Business Entity
We will help you structure your business in a manner that protects your assets and minimizes your tax burden as well as facilitates capital investment, equity transfers, employee retention and financial goals.

2 - Accounting and Bookkeeping
Our qualified professionals will keep your business organized, help you manage growth and cash flow, and keep you in compliiance with tax laws and other regulations.

3 - Cash flow management
Poor cash flow management is the leading cause of small business failures. Let us provide a structure to assist you in managing your cash flows.

4 - Growth Planning
Controlled growth is vital to the long term success of a business. Our staff, who has hands-on experience with growth management, can help you write an appropriate business plan to ensure that your management team has the same vision and focus.

5 - Asset Protection Strategies
It is imperative that you adopt a structure that protects your assets from creditors. insurance coverage is important, but should never be the sole source of protection.

6 - Financing Assistance
Once you have established a sound business plan and vision for the future, we can help you obtain bank or other financing for your growing business.

7- Succession Planning
We can help you sell your successful business or pass it on to the next generation by establishing the best business structure, keeping everyone motivated and driven toward the goal of a successful transition.

8 - Retirement / Estate Planning
We can help you enhance you retirement goals as well as structure your estate to minimize transfer taxes and facilitate the transfer of assets to your beneficiaries.

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